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Why We Love It? :

Make nap time the best time for your child with the Atlas Kids mattress that provides your little one the perfect sleep owing to the memory layer feature that adapts to the body effortlessly. We love the gentle cradling feeling that the Atlas mattress offers and the fact that the mattress is crafted from hypoallergenic fabric that makes it friendly on your childs sensitive skin.

Breathable Hard-wearing Fabric

6 months


Decor Tips :

The Atlas kids mattress will pair perfectly with our Alexandra kids bed. Get them both!

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• The perfect fusion of polyurethane slab and memory layer in padding ensures a proper and sustained support for the body and adapts to shapes and movements while you sleep

• Crafted from breathable cotton fabric that is hypoallergenic making the mattress a sking friendly pick


More Information
Delivery Method Warehouse
Installation Type Free Installation
Item Category Mattress
Mattress Size L 200 x W 120 cm
Thickness 14 cm
Mattress Feel Firm
Mattress Type Foam
Color White
Net Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 120 x 200 x 14 cm
Set Includes 120 x 200 Kids Mattress

Care & Maintenance

• Make sure your mattress is properly supported by the bed frame. Beds that use a frame should be designed to support the weight of the sleepers and the mattress and king and queen beds should have centre support bars

• Use a mattress protector from when you bring the mattress home. A quality mattress protector offers waterproof protection to guard against spills and accidents. They are also a great way to reduce the amount of dust, debris & dirt that make it into your bed

• Be sure to wash your bedsheets and blankets every week or every two weeks. The mattress protector should also be washed occasionally

• Rotate the mattress regularly to promote more even wear as not rotating makes depressions and softening more likely. Every two to six months, rotate the mattress 180 degrees from head to foot

• Let the light in occasionally. Every month or two, strip your mattress and let the sunlight in to air out the bed for a few hours


Key features:

• A perfect combination of 2 Technologies

1. Polyurethane slab ensures a proper and sustained support for the body following its pushes, weights and movement 2. Memory layer in padding accentuates further the PU Slab in adapting to shapes and movements while sleeping

• Cotton Fabric that is hypoallergenic promoting a skin friendly mattress

• Available color – White

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